Requesting A Recommendation

Perhaps the most important thing to be aware of is if I don't know who you are, then I can't write you an effective recommendation.

Letters that consist primarily of "X took my course and did well" are not strong letters, and if you believe this is all I can say about you, then I'd suggest asking someone else.

If you are planning on asking me for a recommendation, you should come to office hours throughout the quarter so I can place your face to your name, answer (or ask) questions in lecture, and stand out by doing extra credit, asking for clarifications, etc.

If you've decided to ask me for a recommendation, please do the following things:

Writing recommendation is a part of my job, and I'm happy to do it if I can help you, but it's important that you ask the right people. If you think I have less than a paragraph of things to say about you personally, you are better off asking someone who knows you better.